• What is BRISEIDE
    BRISEIDE is a ICT Policy Support Programme project within EU's.
    It involves 15 EU partners on the development of spatio-temporal web processes for geospatial application.
  • BRISEIDE aims at delivering
    - time-aware extension of data models
    - application (e.g. Civil Protection)
    - value added services for spatio-temporal data

An operator logs onto a webpage and activates a 3D web-based client. A number of spatio-temporal processing services exposed by distributed servers are made available through a GUI. The functionalities available as WPS (Web Processing Service) allow application oriented (e.g. Civil Protection) processing, navigation and query of time series. 

The user can drag & drop processing units and connects them, whilst creating complex compound spatio-temporal analyses. The system automatically orchestrates sets of processes and invokes relevant services in proper order. 

The analysis evoked and the results produced are interactively shown on the screen as of the ad hoc spatio-temporal “visualisation” services offered. All processing services are available through OGC-compliant WebGIS applications (e.g., GvSIG).