• What is BRISEIDE
    BRISEIDE is a ICT Policy Support Programme project within EU's.
    It involves 15 EU partners on the development of spatio-temporal web processes for geospatial application.
  • BRISEIDE aims at delivering
    - time-aware extension of data models
    - application (e.g. Civil Protection)
    - value added services for spatio-temporal data

BRISEIDE develops spatial analysis WPSs and integrates them within existing open source frameworks (e.g. WPS extension of Sextante by 52°North). Spatio-temporal processing services are exposed via the web and are made available through compatible WebGIS applications. Newly developed or protypical OWSs already made available by relevant INSPIRE-related EU projects and exposing standard services such as WMS, WCS and WFS, will be used to provide access to relevant geodatabases, enriched, when needed, with information, extracted from heterogeneous, distributed user operational databases. BRISEIDE services are accessible through a multi-platform 3D client, developed by Fondazione GraphiTech, invoked from a web page as a JavaWebStart application. The 3D client allows interactive orchestration of spatio-temporal WPSs providing support to chaining of required processing units. This ensures interactive access to datasets and a synchronous processing at the server side.