• What is BRISEIDE
    BRISEIDE is a ICT Policy Support Programme project within EU's.
    It involves 15 EU partners on the development of spatio-temporal web processes for geospatial application.
  • BRISEIDE aims at delivering
    - time-aware extension of data models
    - application (e.g. Civil Protection)
    - value added services for spatio-temporal data

BRISEIDE aims at delivering:

  • time-aware extension of data models developed in the context of previous/ongoing EU INSPIRE related projects (e.g. in the context of GMES, eContentPlus),
  • application (e.g. Civil Protection) based on the integration of existing, user operational information and
  • value added services for spatio-temporal data management, authoring, processing, analysis and interactive visualisation.


BRISEIDE will be applied, tested and validated within a Civil Protection application context, using the INSPIRE relevant themes, via a chain of stakeholders, data providers, technology partners, and downstream users. The Pilot operational phase will last 12 months and will consider real life events, with extensions in additional domains, being considered and assessed.

Project services converge with Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) initiatives from the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (www.osgeo.org). This ensures further development and processing functionalities built on top of the BRISEIDE framework, to be extended by public administrations or private industries according to their specific needs. The BRISEIDE platform will be available on lease, thus ensuring economic sustainability and partners’ investment recovery.